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Master of Economics

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Accreditated Excellent

The bachelor of Master of Economics study program received Excellent accreditation from Lamemba the National Accreditation Board

Vision and Mission

Realization of Excellent Study Programs in the Field of Development of Regional Economics that Supports the Achievement of International Agro-industry

  • Learning Process

    Organizing the learning process with a regional economy-based curriculum

  • Research

    Carry out research activities in a broad horizon regarding the regional economy

  • Building Synergies

    Carry out community service that supports regional economic development

  • Conducive Academic

    Expanding cooperation with various parties as a regional economic implementation that supports the achievement of agroindustry


  • Graduates have qualified expertise in regional economics and regional development based on scientific integrity
  • Graduates are able to develop knowledge and solve problems in the field of regional economics and are able to produce innovative and tested works
  • As a study program to develop regional economics in a professional manner and always motivates to continue to conduct research and produce various quality scientific works in the field of regional economics and regional development and is able to disseminate them for the benefit of developing and improving the quality of education
  • Able to produce a variety of new ideas and quality scientific work in the field of regional economics based on theories, concepts and paradigms that are appropriate to the field of expertise, so as to gain recognition at the national, regional and international levels